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Madanis Art

Art is one of the signs of identity of our Hotel. That's why we have decorated our walls with original art works inspired in Madanis lands for Madanis.

Jaume Amigò

The mural presiding in hotel reception was created specifically for this spot by artist Jaume Amigò (Barcelona, 1963.) Amigó knows the lands of Madanis very well; he has installed his workshop in the very region of La Noguera. The mural was conceived from direct contact with the austere land of Madanis and is replete with the tones of its landscape. It acts as a symbolic representation of the wind, depicted with the refined and personal iconography of the artist. The mural includes a linguistic curiosity: the fluctuation that the name “Madanis” experienced in medieval texts, Madanish, Madani, Madanis. , A third of the rooms in the Hotel have been decorated with the original artwork of this artist. They are paintings on paper in which the fragility of the support contrasts with the force of the artist’s cosmogony. In the works chosen for Madanis, Amigò presents us with an artistic system populated with prodigious elements that reveal, through apparent simplicity, a universe of suggestions. The sensitivity of his strokes, emphasized by the organic quality that paper support confers, appeals with great force to the most authentic, elemental principles of human beings.

Mateo Vilagrasa

Mateo Vilagrasa (Teruel, 1944), is the creator of the other large oil painting hung above the bar. A collection of original works of Mateo Vilagrasa has also been used in the decoration of the rooms. Although they are also works on paper, the subject matter has an urban quality. Dominating are the architectural motives and the urban perspectives of l’Eixample and Poblenou. In the iconography of the artist, the cross, a chance meeting of lines, becomes the absolute protagonist in some of the work; this is the case with the large mural in the vestibule. Light is another substantial element in the work of Vilagrasa that can be contemplated at the Madanis. Light and colour are treated with extreme delicacy. They succeed in transmitting intense emotion while blending into the luminous tones of the Hotel.

Mario Torino

The work of Mario Torino (Buenos Aires, 1949) completes the decoration of the Hotel’s room. Torino’s contribution has allowed us to incorporate a distinct artistic element that we also wanted to offer our clients: poetry. In all of his paintings on display at Madanis, a poem is recreated whose text is visible in the very painting. The poems were specially selected when the paintings were commissioned and were written by modern Catalan authors (Martí i Pol, Jaime Gil de Biedma, Pere Gimferrer, etc.). Because of this, the emotion transmitted by the contemplation of the painting has the added reflection that the poem contributes, converting the artistic experience into a more complex experience.