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Our history

Sometimes, revealing the mystery that surrounds a name means revealing the reason for the existence of that which we name. This is the case with the Hotel Madanis, named after an enchanting valley located in the Pre-Pyrenees area of Lérida, today part of the region of La Noguera.

Madanis is the name given to a strategic enclave in the 11th century, dominated by Arabs. It was situated at the summit of a valley, where a beautiful Romanesque hermitage, Santa Maria de Meià, stands today. It is an absolutely gorgeous valley, largely undiscovered, perfectly conserved where the clarity of its water and the purity of the sky is preserved among precipitous rocks.

Our roots are planted in the land of Madanis and the spirit of Madanis has given birth to our hotel. Because of all of this, we hope that the Hotel Madanis will be the refuge that connects our clients to the unique authenticity the Madanis name symbolizes.