Charge your electric car in Madanis


Charge your electric car in Madanis

The world is changing, we are becoming more aware of pollution, the surplus noise of cities, the greenhouse effect and its danger, and all those disadvantages associated with the excessive use of fossil fuels.

In the last post we presented the new member of the Madanis family the Restaurant L’Airet Cuina, a healthy restaurant and respectful with the environment, but this is not the only novelty in Madanis.

During the summer we inaugurated our new car park, closer to the hotel, exclusively for our customers and (here comes the news) … with a charge point for free electric cars available to our customers.

That the electric car is the future is practically indisputable, however, this type of vehicles need to recharge their batteries every certain kilometers, and to do it completely they usually need between 6 and 8 hours, because it is recommended to electric car users that make routes to stay in establishments that have loading points, such as Madanis.

The Madanis philosophy involves respecting the environment, respecting the genuine nature that nature provides, and that is why we try to improve and adapt our facilities to the new times, trying to be respectful to the maximum and making things easy for those who They want to contribute their grain of sand, like us, to take care of the environment.

Madanis Team