We opened L’AIRET CUINA restaurant!


We opened L’AIRET CUINA restaurant!

Today we bring you a BIG news!

The Madanis family grows. As most of you know, so far, our complex was made up of our main hotel, the 4 star Hotel Madanis, where our restaurant La Medusa, our annex hotel, the 3-star Hotel Madanis Liceo, and our Apartments are also located Tourist Madanis of 3 keys.

To all of them this October, even being an entity of their own, a new member has been added to the Madanis family, the establishment of healthy food and Take Away L’AIRET CUINA.

L’AIRET CUINA, will have a highly trained and excellent team of professionals who have already begun to work under the advice of the renowned Ada Parellada, who has been involved in a line of cuisine very carefully at the nutritional level, with a strong commitment to Sustainability and always putting special interest in the flavor. All this enhanced by an enormous creativity and always betting on the quality product.

Following the line of Parellada, L’AIRET CUINA, has been conceived as a sincere and transparent place where good cuisine is the protagonist. Users will enjoy a cozy and modern space while respecting the environment. Various kitchen instruments have been reused in the decoration creating a very special atmosphere. And not only that, in L’AIRET CUINA, following the Plastic Free philosophy, no type of plastic will be used, all containers will be PLA, fully compostable, and we will encourage the reuse of glass containers in L’AIRET. use.

L’AIRET CUINA fuses tradition, with the most avant-garde culinary savoir faire, combining local products with the latest innovations in a nutritional industry that is increasingly demanding.

However, we seek to convey to all the clients of L’AIRET that the heart of this project is the kitchen, a wonderful kitchen in view that seeks customers to feel it as their own, as the kitchen of their home both the space and the that in this is elaborated.

So, from Madanis we strongly encourage you to get to know the cuisine of L’AIRET, we promise that you will not be disappointed.