Saint John’s Eve in Spain

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Saint John’s Eve in Spain

Today is Saint John’s Eve or in spanish “la Verbena de San Juan”, one of the most important celebrations in Spain.

The night of the 23rd to 24th of June is the shortest night of the year, that’s the reason why the summer solstice is celebrated during this night; it means the beginning of the good weather, the days of beach and sun, and cocktail evenings.

At first this celebration was a pagan holiday, during which, as we have already said, the summer solstice was celebrated in the northern hemisphere. Later, with the arrival of Christianity in Spain, it became a Christian holiday during which the holiness of Saint John the Baptist was celebrated and the lack of 6 months for Christmas, and the birth of the Jesus Christ. So this holiday was celebrated on the eve of June 23rd.

Nowadays, this festivity keeps the Christian name, as “la Verbena of San Juan” is celebrated. However, it is associated with the arrival of summer, bonfires are lit to burn all bad things and give way to good ones, people usually bathe in the Sea at night, something also symbolically associated with purification.

In Spain it is typical that bonfires are lit, firecrackers are thrown, and in particular Catalonia, Coca de San Juan is eaten, it is a sweet dessert, simple as well as good, can be done with cream, fruit, pine nuts, marzipan or even chocolate. For this special night it is usually eaten with a glass of cava, or muscatel.

If you are in Barcelona this evening, you must go to the beach, for as to see the bonfires, bathe in the sea and enjoy the evening party, which does not usually end until the following morning.

From the whole Madanis team, it is only missing to wish you a …