The 5 Secrets of the Perfect Couple Travel

The 5 Secrets of the Perfect Couple Travel

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We are pleased to introduce you to our new project: this is the first post of trip advices. The 15th of each month we will publish a new advice, and we hope they will be very useful for you.

 It is the moment to start with the first one:


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1. – Plan the entire trip together

Try to plan the trip together, deciding where to go, what to visit, etc. Even though one of you likes more organizing things, you can enjoy planning the trip. Giving your preferences and opinions can let you know more from your partner too.

A good way to choose which will be your next trip can be preparing two lists of what you prefer to visit, where you wish to go, which activities you want to do, etc. Like this, it will be easier for you to plan your ideal trip for you both. Remember though, that you have to be flexible and let the other decide as well and don’t forget to leave some space without planning for the improvisation.

In case that it is your first trip, it is not recommended to be a long trip.

2.- Share all the costs

One of the biggest problem in a relationship is the money. For this reason, in order to avoid these kinds of problems, we recommend you to share all the costs of your trip: hotel, flights, restaurants, activities, etc.

3.- Communication and respect

It is well known that communication and respect is always important in a couple. So..we don’t have to forget it in a trip. It is essential to tell your own opinion but remember that in a couple sometimes is better to give than to receive.  In addition, you have to respect the other and his/her own and personal space.

4.- Celebrate something special

It is also recommended to break the routine as many times as possible.  One of the best ways to do it is travelling. You can celebrate specific dates in other cities or countries, like anniversaries, Saint Valentine’s Day, when the most part of hotels, included the Hotel Madanis, have special and romantic offers for these days. However, if there is no special date to celebrate, you can always invent it!

It is also nice to prepare him / her surprise or little detail like, for example, you can reserve a room service in the hotel with cava, fruit, chocolate or flowers.

5.- Enjoy!

Travelling is an adventure full of experiences, where you can learn a lot from another country and its culture. What’s more it can be a perfect moment to know more from each other, to share more moments together and to enjoy. Do not allow anything to spoil your trip!

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We hope that these advices are useful for you. Do you have any other recommendation of how to travel with your partner that you want to share with us? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment in this post.

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