The Manger of the city of Barcelona


The Manger of the city of Barcelona

The Manger of the city of Barcelona, which is installed in the Plaza Sant Jaume, is always a reference during these festivities, that is why it raises a great expectation between locals and foreigners. So, this year was not going to be different.

This year the person in charge of designing the particular manger of the Plaza Sant Jaume was the set designer Sebastià Brosa, wanting to pay tribute to the innumerable family meals that take place during these dates. With this objective he has installed his particular representation of the manger, calling it “Todos a mesa”, emulating the agapes, as well as the good Christmas wishes.

Brosa has installed a large table, leaving aside the traditional figures of the manger, which represents the 12 most known characters of the birth of Jesus, personifying 12 chairs, each with its own elements so that visitors are able to recognize the character that you want to represent.

For example, the Magi are each represented with a cape, and the baby Jesus with a bib.

Above the table there are no dishes, there are 12 nests, which want to symbolize 12 wishes to ask and fulfill during the next 2019.

This particular manger can be seen from last Friday November 23 until January 6, in the Plaza Sant Jaume.

From Madanis we encourage you to discover it.